Zina Samoletova
I'm Zina and I'm
a tattoo artist
I have come a long way to become who I am now. I studied textile design in St. Petersburg, and in 2016 I found my passion for tattoo and started a journey that would take me from Russia to Europe, and from Europe to South America. After years of practice and having already worked in different cities of Europe, I was able to open my own studio in Buenos Aires. Cucu Studio became one of the first fine-line tattoo studios in Argentina. Now I work with many talented artists, and help new apprentices to realize and reach their potential.
I only work with my own sketches, since this is my form of art. I also don’t copy designs or do the same tattoo twice. The day of the appointment I have a little chat with the client to better understand the idea, and I work on the design at that moment. Sometimes I just do freehand if the design calls for it, since it’s the best way to adapt a big piece to the shape of the body. This means I don’t show or send sketches via mail or instagram before the appointment! I can do all the changes that the design needs in the moment, without any problem. I don’t do covers, since my style is very light and with fine lines. I also prefer not to do touch ups or intervene another artist’s work, because tattoos are a very personal thing.
I work with botanical and ornamental designs, creating compositions that work beautifully with the natural shape of the body. Nature and harmony have always been my inspiration, and you can see the influence they have in my work, which I will be glad to share with each of you.
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It’s very important that you always take care of your skin, but even more so if you have a tattoo appointment. I recommend you drink lots of water and use hydrating cream, and also exfoliate your skin in couple of weeks before the appointment! Also, you should be mindful of the sunlight and use sunscreen to avoid burning.
If you have been traveling and have a tan, it’s best to wait until your skin is back to normal before getting a tattoo, since it will peel off and affect the final result. Tanned skin is also more sensitive, so it might be uncomfortable for you to get a tattoo there.
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