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Tattoos and pregnancy

Pregnancy is definitely incredible. The process of creating life inside your own body is so fascinating that for many women it’s almost magical, and it’s one of the greatest displays of both physical and psychological strength, since it not only involves a large number of hormonal changes but also requires many changes in the mother's lifestyle. And with all these changes come the prohibitions: sausages, alcohol, excess caffeine, raw ham ... And what about tattoos? The first thing that comes to mind, logically, is that they are prohibited during the gestation months, but the answer to this question is more complicated.

It is important to know that there are no studies that give a clear answer as to whether or not a pregnant woman should get a tattoo.

First, let's talk a little about what the tattooing process is like.

The most important rule, not only for pregnant women but for anyone who wants to get a tattoo, is to go to a trustworthy study that meets the required hygiene and sanitation standards. Once you find the ideal studio, you should get in touch to discuss your design, choose the artist, and set the appointment. This part is the easiest!

Now, if we talk about the technical part, it is important to know that when a professional does a tattoo correctly, they inject the ink into the middle layer of the skin (dermis). If the tattoo artist injects with a lot of force, the ink can pass to the next layer (hypodermis) and what we know as blowout occurs, which is the expansion of ink during the healing process.

The ink is not injected directly into the bloodstream, but some components and small particles of the ink can penetrate the skin and come into contact with the blood.

However, the percentage of ink components that can enter the bloodstream is very small, and does not have to be a risk to the customer. Having said this, the general recommendation (from both tattoo artists and health professionals) is to wait after delivery to do the tattoo.

But, why is it not recommended to get a tattoo during pregnancy?

Although it is safe to get a tattoo with a professional in a good studio, this process always has its risks. Even more at a time of as many changes as pregnancy is.
First, many inks contain heavy metals that can cause an allergic reaction. Even if you already have other tattoos and have never had this problem, the hormonal change that a pregnant woman experiences can mean that her body reacts differently to the same materials.

It is worth noting that black ink is the least allergenic, and red ink is the most allergenic.

However, the real risk with tattoos during pregnancy is the possibility of contracting diseases such as hepatitis B or HIV.

Of course, this is not an exclusive risk for future mothers, and anyone who gets a tattoo, piercing, and even acupuncture or a blood transfusion can get sick if the needles are not new or the place does not meet the required hygiene standards. But during pregnancy there is a risk of passing these diseases to the baby, and depending on the gestation period their development can be tremendously affected.

Now, let's talk about the aesthetic risks.

Although undoubtedly the health of both the mother and the baby are the most important part, tattooing during pregnancy can also pose an aesthetic risk. During the gestation months, your body changes, accumulates fat and liquids in different parts. It is all part of the natural process, but if you get a tattoo during your pregnancy there is a possibility that the tattoo will be stretched or deformed due to the change that your body will go through again after delivery.

Our suggestion as a studio is to wait.

For your health and that of your baby, we recommend that you wait until after delivery to get a tattoo. Meanwhile, you can do a good research of the place or artist that you like, think your idea in detail, collect references, etc. Enjoy the creation of your tattoo while you enjoy the formation of your baby

If you can't cope with the anxiety, custom semi-permanent tattoos, or even henna, can help you pass the time and try different designs without putting your health at risk. You will see how quickly those nine months go by!

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